Astrid Hülsmann’s studio is located in Kassel in the 'alten Hammerschmiede, Wolfhagerstr. 109'. It is possible to make an appointment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Quarried, irregular stones form the basis of my work. Without any previous design in mind, I adapt myself to given forms in which I discover parts of the human body, e.g. a shoulder, an arm or a back. During the rough elaboration of of these body parts, I include the whole stone while looking for the complete one figure. Permanent change of the first ideas are necessary due to the limitation of the given material. A sholder can develop out of a knee or a leg out of an arm. I often change the position (the later bottom part) of the stone bevore I commit myself to landscape or portrait format.

The content´s core is added to the compositional and anatomic considerations during the detailed elaboration. In ordr to express this core I basically play with the movement of the body and with exaggerations or reductions. Essential elements of design are also the inclusion of natural fractures in the context of rough - or fine- worked surfaces.