Astrid Hülsmann

1966 Born in Hamm, Germany
1987 - 1994 Teaching Degree in Art at the University of Osnabrück Teaching Degree „gestaltendes Werken und Kunst“ – Art Formation College of Fine Arts in Braunschweig
Since 1995 Working self-employed at a wood workshop and studio in Kassel
Since 1998 Lecturer for plastic design at different schools in the District of Kassel
Since 2001 Member of the BBK
2002 Lecturer at the University of Kassel, Play and Theatre Studies
2004 Entry in the Kürschner Handbook for formation artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
since 2008 Curator from Germany of the ecuadoran artist Luis E. Aguirre Torres
2008 Curator of the exhibition „Quito-Kassel-Quito“, city hall of Kassel
2009 Curator of the exhibition: Luis E. Aguirre Torres, Hann. Münden, Kellergalerie 
2012 Contract work for the documenta XII
2013 - 2015 Project Back ups
seit 2014 Head of teacher training in art
2016 Lecturer, children university Kassel
2016 Sculpture competition, Kassel - Rothenditmold, 2nd place: sculpture "Verwirbelungen", in cooperation with Mr. Jens Freitag
2019 Participation international artists symposium, Kerkernnah, Tunisia
2020 Participation international streetart symposium, Tunis, Tunisia
2020 Working scholarship of the Hessian Cultural Foundation



1998 Kassel, L`art brut
1999 Kassel Art Festival "Der Kuss" (The Kiss)
2000 Kassel, Galerie Deutschmann
2001 Kassel, "Kunst und Musik" (Art and Music)
2002 Bad Karlshafen, "Kunstherbst" Eschwege, Hochzeitshaus
2003 Kassel, Galerie 108 Wolfhagen, Kulturhalle Kassel, Kunst-Werk  Vellmar, Rathausgalerie  Bad Wildungen, Kurmuseum
2004 Kassel, Galerie Hess-Optik Hann. Münden, Kellergalerie Fritzlar, Hochzeitshaus Lohfelden, Galerie FREI raum Kassel, Kunst-Werk Kassel, Botanischer Garten Berlin, Galery Akud Kassel, ARTvent, ARTvent
2005 Kassel, Schloßhotel "Einzig-artig" Kassel, Kunst-Werk Kassel, Exhibition-colloquy of the Kasseler Kunstvereins (Kassel art club), Oelshausen, DORF-eigen-ART,
2005 Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov "Art about the town"
2006 Kassel, Kulturbanhof Deutschland Land der Ideen ''26 am 8.3''
2006 Kassel, Sparkasse "Drawings"
2006 Eschwege, Wedding house "Drawings"
2007 Kassel, Studio walk
2008 Kassel, Kunst-Werk alte Hammerschmiede
2009 Kassel, Studio walk
2008 Kassel, Stadtmuseum
2009 Kassel, Studio walk
2010 Kassel, Kunst-Werk Alte Hammerschmiede
2011 Kassel, Studio walk
2015 Kassel, Studio walk
2016 Kassel, Blauer Sonntag "blue sunday"
2018 Kassel, Studio walk
2019 Kassel, network Hammerschmiede
2020 Tunisia, Kerkennah, Al Makan, Art Sans Frontiéres
2020 Algeria, Khenchela, international sculpture exhibition (online)

Image: Mirko Konrad, May 2012


The artist lives and works in Kassel. 

R. Henze talks about the artist Astrid Hülsmann

 "Astrid Hülsmann, born in 1966, studied a Teaching Degree in Art at the University of Osnabrück and the College of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. In 1995, she became self-employed and established a wood workshop/studio (designing her own furniture), but then after 3 years she focused her art work on sculptures. She makes sculptures from stone, clay, plaster and papier mâché, which she has put on display at many exhibitions including Kassel, Bad Karlshafen and Eschwege. Since 1998 Astrid Hülsmann works as a lecturer for plastic design at different schools in the District of Kassel. At the Galerie 108 she put on display sculptures made from marble, chalky sandstone and clay, using the theme of one or two people. The look and posture of the individual statues are directed outwards towards the environment. In contrast to this, the pairs face each other – forming a small intimate cosmos. The formation of the sculptures from Astrid Hülsmann usually begins with coincidental indentations, edges or hollows in the untouched stone, in which she can make out the form of a body part. She then uses this to work on the stone, in the search of the whole body, its posture and position. If a second figure is hidden in the stone then the task is to form a relationship between the two. This process is not just governed by coincidence but is also subject to constant checks concerning for example, the rules of proportion, compositional factors, and the quality of the material and tools. An important factor is the esthetics of the material which, for example, play a special role for marble. Astrid Hülsmann believes that in addition to the extemely well polished surfaces that emphasize the texture, veins, inclusions and colours, also the structure of the raw stone should be allowed to "speak".